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The Hand-stamper's Alternative to Sterling Silver

Alkemè is a precision milled tin-based alloy developed by ImpressArt specially for hand-stamping. This soft metal makes it easy to stamp deep crisp impressions. The soft silver color is similar to sterling silver and the fine milled surface can be brought to a high shine or to a matte finish.  The name Alkemé is a nod to the age-old alchemist who searched for ways to transmute base metals into precious silver and gold.

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Weight & Gauge

Alkemé has a weight and gauge one would expect from a fine piece of jewelry. All Alkemé blanks are 18 gauge (about 1mm thick). This provides enough metal material to allow the stamp to make a deep impression.


Unlike sterling silver, Alkemé does not tarnish! 

Easy to Stamp

Alkemé is a soft metal engineered to make it easy to stamp deep crisp impressions. 


A fraction of the cost of sterling silver Alkemé offers a similar look and feel.

Made in the USA

Made to the highest standard in the USA and contains no lead or nickel. 

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